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Field warehousing


<Moving> Get a convenient way!

  • Business tie-up with other moving companies.
    Various options are available according to your budgets and situations: easy-to-handle, knockout-priced light-truck type to no-hassle moving-specific type.
  • We are happy to accept moving just to your new house.


<Field warehousing> Keep it safe and secure!

  • Compartment type for 24-hour-a-day access.
  • Security guaranteed with card keys.
  • Dust-proof, damp-proof, heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Comes in various sizes 1.98m2 to 10.725m2


<Fire insurance> Feel reassured!

  • Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance agency.
  • Fire insurance for field warehouses.
  • Home fire insurance, automobile insurance, etc.
    may also be available at affordable premiums.


Field warehousing Ast Box Nakanoshima

  • Address: 726-4, Nakanoshima, Wakayama-city, 640-8392 Japan
  • No. of compartments: 28
  • Size: 3.3m2 to 9.9m2
  • Rental rate: 8,925 to 22,050 yen monthly and tax included

Field warehousing Ast Box Kuroda

  • Address: 260, Kuroda, Wakayama-city, 640-8341 Japan
  • No. of compartments: 120
  • Size: 1.98m2 to 10.725m2
  • Rental rate: 5,775 to 24,150 yen monthly and tax included

Field warehousing Ast Box Daishin

  • Address: 4-1, Shinnakadori, Wakayama-city, 640-8376 Japan
  • No. of compartments: 107
  • Size: 2.475m2 to 10.725m2
  • Rental rate: 6,825 to 25,200 yen monthly and tax included

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