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Product inspection and distribution processing services

  • Metering/counting, product inspection, X-ray inspection, retouching
  • Assortment (patterned and random)
  • Packing in decorative boxes and other finish processes
  • Invoice issuing and applying for shipping in Japan
  • Various auxiliary material procurement


Direct transport business

  • Storage, lading and export customs clearance
  • Ordering and delivering data processing
  • Issuing of price tags, shop labels and similar materials
  • Store assortment (ordering for initial, spot and in-store sales)
  • Destination-by-destination shipping business (trucking to centers and stores)
  • Issuing and applying of invoices for transport within Japan (trucking to stores)


Intermodal transport services

  • Transport within China
  • Warehousing management
  • Export/import-related procedures
  • Lading procedures
  • Consolidation

Other services

  • Distribution consulting
  • Product quality training for factory workers
  • Simultaneous interpreter services for nearby areas
  • Various data entry and data processing services, and data storage and paperwork services

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