Stepping up from up-and-running systems to new value-added stages. In today’s society, many things have been changing faster than expected. Customers ask for quicker responses to meeting their new needs. We at Astline are committed to further modernizing our distribution systems and also adding more values, with an innovative distribution concept in Japan and China, among other regions, to meet customers’ needs today and tomorrow.


In 1947, we started warehousing and transport business in and around Wakayama and Southern Osaka. Now, 72 years later, we have expanded our services to get our customers more satisfied: customs clearance, intermodal transport, distribution processing at home and abroad, Trunk room and many others. Our bases are in Tokyo, Saitama and Osaka in Japan, whereas our hubs in Qingdao and Shanghai, China, and the ASEAN region play an important role. In so doing, the Astline has been extending its Asian network with an eye to the global market. Since the inception of Astline (Qingdao) International Transport Co., Ltd. in 1994 as well as the Ishizu Branch in 1999, in particular, the inspection systems for products from within Japan and overseas were streamlined to serve our customers flexibly. Thanks to your great supports, we are going to double our efforts to get ahead of the time changing day by day and to make the company more potential from the customers’ and employees’ points of view.

Yoshikazu Nakatani, President


Company Name Astline Corporation
Headquarters address 4-37, Shinnakadori, Wakayama-city, 640-8376 Japan 
TEL 073-433-2278
FAX 073-431-0388
Established March 27, 1947
President Yoshikazu Nakatani
Capital 19,950,000 yen
Sales 4.2 billion yen (as of March 2017)
No. of employees 295
Average workforce age 38
Bank reference Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ,
Wakayama Branch The Kiyo Bank,
Central Branch Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, Wakayama Branch
Affiliate company Ast Service Corporation
Astline(Qingdao)International Transport Co.,Ltd.
Astline(Qingdao)Storage Co.,Ltd.
Astline(Qingdao)International Transport, Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Astline(Qingdao)Storage Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Business line Certified warehousing, bonded warehousing, MAFF-certified warehousing, temperature-controlled warehousing, customs clearance, trucking and related handling, marine transport agency, marine transport, air transport, nonlife insurance agency, real-estate rental and management, Trunk room
Office Wakayama Head Office
Arimoto Branch
Kishiwada Branch
Sakai Branch
Ishizu Branch
Tokyo Branch
Okegawa Branch
Kazo Branch


March 1947: Kishu Kyodo Sangyo K.K. founded.
January 1949: Warehousing business started.
February 1950: Trucking business license obtained.
August 1951: Warehouse certificate issuing license obtained.
April 1952: MAFF-certified warehousing granted.
December 1964: Sakai Warehouse opened.
September 1969: Arimoto Warehouse opened.
September 1969: Temperature-controlled warehousing started.
December 1971: Bonded warehousing license obtained.
November 1975: Osaka Mercantile Exchange listed on.
December 1983: Kishiwada Branch opened.
February 1985:

Trucking and handling business license obtained.

March 1989: NVOCC with Indonesia started.
April 1990: Marine transport agency business started.
February 1991: Air transport agency business started.
May 1991: Marine transport business started.
July 1991: Company renamed to Astline Corporation.
March 1992: NVOCC with China started.
March 1992: Ast Service Corporation established.
July 1994: Customs clearance business license obtained.
July 1994: Tokyo Branch opened.
August 1994: Astine (Qingdao) International Transport Co., Ltd. established in Qingdao, China.
June 1999: Ishizu Branch opened.
March 2001: Trunk room Kuroda opened.
November 2001: Ishizu Product Inspection Center opened.
December 2001: Trunk room Daishin opened.
February 2004: Okegawa Branch opened.
September 2004: Trunk room Nakanoshima opened.
June 2005: Astline (Qingdao) Storage Co., Ltd. established in Qingdao, China.
November 2005: Astline (Qingdao) Storage Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, established in Shanghai, China.
July 2009: Astline (Qingdao) International Transport Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch, established in Tianjin, China.
February 2010: New Headquarters Office completed.
June 2014: Kazo Branch opened.

Warehouse area

Ishizu Warehouse 8,316m²
(bonded storage area: 1,914m²)
Kazo Warehouse 4,950m²
Kishiwada Warehouse 5,860m²
Arimoto Warehouse 6,930m²
Okegawa Warehouse 2,640m²
Total warehouse area in Japan 28,696m²
Qingdao Warehouse 9,900m²
Shanghai Warehouse 9,900m²
Total warehouse area in Chain 19,800m²

Business tie-up partners are also available in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Moji, Shimonoseki and the ASEAN region.