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Warehousing and distribution


Ishizu Branch

2-6-27, Chikkoshinmachi, Nishiku,
Sakai-city, 592-8331 Japan
TEL.072-243-2001 FAX.072-243-2051

Warehouse area: 8,316m2 (bonded storage area: 1,914m2)Situated 12 km south of Osaka Seaport and close to Kansai International Airport, the main station is optimum for distribution routing. One of this center’s fortes is to function as the distribution processing for textile products, among others.

Arimoto Branch

523-3, Arimoto, Wakayama-city,
640-8390 Japan
TEL.073-433-2272 FAX.073-431-0388

Warehouse area: 6,930m2 (bonded storage area: 891m2) (temperature-controlled storage: 1,320m2) This is located 2 km west of the Wakayama Interchange. The temperature-controlled warehouse serves to store foodstuff and other temperature-sensitive products.

Saitama Branch

137-1, Kanou, Okegawa-city, Saitama,
363-0001 Japan
TEL.048-779-5900 FAX.048-779-5910

Warehouse area: 2,640m2 Standing next to Okegawa Center of Shimamura Co., Ltd., the distribution center is advantageous for quick delivery and distribution processing. This base is also provided with a trucking network throughout the Kanto District.



Sakai Warehouse

2-235, Higashi, Hamaderafunaocho,
Nishiku Sakai-city, 592-8341 Japan
TEL.072-262-7098 FAX.072-264-1104
Warehouse area: 1,650m2(bonded storage area: 990m2)

Kishiwada Branch

1-4-20, Midorocho, Kishiwada-city,
596-0801 Japan
TEL.0724-45-7066 FAX.0724-44-8019
Warehouse area: 5,860m2(bonded storage area: 1,584m2)



Astline Corporation 4-37, Shinnakadori, Wakayama-city, 640-8376 Japan TEL: 073-433-2278 FAX: 073-431-0388

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